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I’ve spent 32 years in television news, developing an award-winning career covering stories that have taken me across the globe, as well as sit-down interviews with three U.S. presidents, and other world leaders. My career assignments have included the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks at Ground Zero, covering the Gulf Coast during Hurricane Katrina, the fall of the Berlin Wall, being stranded in the jungles of Honduras, Bagram Air Base – Afghanistan, numerous natural disasters, presidential campaigns, and major sporting events. Currently, I am detailed to the White House/Capitol Hill press corps.

I have excelled on challenging assignments, bringing poise and discipline while reporting under extreme conditions, often with little support. My job has forced me to work independently at times, making quick decisions from the scene on how to deliver, edit and produce the best possible video story.  I’ve also worked closely, and in a supervisory capacity, with many other print and video journalists, counseling and coaching those who are beginning their careers.

Guest Speaker at Penn State University, Georgetown University, New York University. Panel Judge for US Military Photographer of the Year competition, Ft. Meade, Maryland. White House News Photographers Association member since 1988. Penn State University Grad 1982.


Stories I have covered



Stories, locations and events I’ve covered:


The White House

Capitol Hill

GOP Amtrak Trainwreck / Retreat

The Masters

The Players Championship, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

U.S. Open, South Hampton, NY

Capital Gazette Shooting, Annapolis, MD

PGA Championship, St. Louis, MO


U.S. Open, Erin Hills, WI

LPGA U.S. Open, Bedminster, NY

PGA Championship, Charlotte, NC

The White House

Trump Inauguration

Capitol Hill

The Masters


The White House

The Masters

The Players Championship, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

U.S. Open , Pittsburgh, PA

LPGA U.S. Open, San Jose, CA

PGA Championship, Springfield Township, NJ

Bernie Sanders Campaign

Clinton HQ Election night


Pope Visits Washington, DC

TV Crew Shooting, Roanoke, VA

Re-Opening of Cuban Embassy, Washington, DC

AMTRAK Train Crash, Philadelphia, PA

B-29 Flight over Virginia

US Open, Chambers BA, WA

LPGA US Open, Lancaster, PA

White House


The Masters

The White House

The US Open, Pinehurst, NC

PGA Championship, Loisville, KY

UVA Rape Scandal


Ohio Amish beard-cutting scandal

NBA Allstar Game

MLB Spring training

Obama Inauguration

White House

Players Championship-Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

US Open-Merion Golf Club, Ardmore,PA


Hurricane Sandy

G-8 Summit, Camp David

Obama/Romney Campaigns

New Hampshire Primary

Jerry Sandusky sentencing

White House

PGA Championship-Kiawha Island, SC

Ryder Cup-Medinah Country Club-Chicago,IL


Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan

Critical Care Air Transport Afghanistan-Germany-Andrews AFB

Ramstein AFB, Germany

3rd sit-down interview with President Obama

Penn State/Jerry Sandusky Scandal

United Nations General Assembly

White House


Winter Olympics-Vancouver

2nd Sit-down interview with President Obama

G20 Summit, Toronto

2nd largest Kidney swap in US History

White House

The Masters


First Sit-down interview with President Obama

G20 Summit, Pittsburgh

Naval maneuvers, aboard USS Harry Truman, off the coast of Florida

White House

The Masters

Obama Inauguration


Obama / McCain presidential campaigns

Republican National Convention

White House

The Masters

US Open-Torrey Pines,San Diego,CA

PGA Championship-Oakland Hills, Detroit,MI


West Virginia Sago Mine Disaster

Major League Baseball Allstar game

White House

The Masters

PGA Championship-Medinah Country Club,Chicago,IL


Hurricane Katrina

The Masters

US Open-Pinehurst Resort, Pinehurst,NC

PGA Championship-Baltrusol Golf Club,Springfield,NJ

White House

Bush Inauguration


Iowa Caucus

Bush Re-election Campaign

Kerry Campaign

White House


Hurricane Isabel

White House

US Open-Olympia Fields-Chicago,IL

PGA Championship-Oak Hill Country Club-Rochester,NY


Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

DC Sniper

White House

The Masters

US Open-Bethpage Black Course-Farmingdale,NY

PGA Championship-Hazletine-Chaska,MN


9/11, Ground Zero

The Masters

US Open-Southern Hills,Tulsa,OK

PGA Championship-Atlanta Athletic Club

White House

Bush Inauguration


Shepherdstown Peace Summit

G8 Summit, Ottowa

Bush / Gore presidential campaigns / Election controversy

Iowa Caucus

South Carolina Primary

White House

The Masters

US Open-Pebble Beach

PGA Championship-Louisville, KY


Clinton Impeachment

Elian Gonzalez controversy

Oklahoma City tornado

Hurricane Floyd

United Nations General Assembly

White House

US Open-Pinehurst Resort,Pinehurst,NC

PGA Championship-Medinah Country Club,Chicago,IL


Jonesboro, Arkansas School Shooting

Clinton / Lewinsky scandal

Wye River Peace Accords

US Open Golf-Olympic Club-San Francisco,CA

Hurricane Bonnie

White House

United Nations General Assembly

Super Bowl


Princess Diana Death

Heaven’s Gate cult mass suicide in San Diego

VMI admits women for first time

Super Bowl

20th Anniversary of Elvis Presley’s Death

United Nations General Assembly

White House

Clinton Inauguration


Montana Freemen standoff with FBI


Atlanta Olympics / bombing

Aboard the Goodyear Blimp

Government shutdown

Clinton re-election campaign

Dole presidential campaign

Republican National Convention

Democratic National Convention

US-Mexico Border crossing

United Nations General Assembly

White House

Super Bowl


O.J. Simpson trial

Dayton Peace Accords

Hurricane Felix

United Nations General Assembly

Million Man March

Aboard the USS Rhode Island submarine, heading out to sea

Princess Diana Visits Antigua


Sit down interview with President Clinton

Mir Quazi attacks CIA, kills employees heading to work

White House

Clinton Inauguration


Bush Re-election campaign:

- Aboard Air Force 1, multi city tour

- Sit down interview with the President

- Midwest Whistle Stop tour

Clinton Campaign

White House

Quayle VP trip aboard Air Force 2


US / Russia Summit

Iran/Contra Hearings

Joint US / Honduras maneuvers near Nicaraguan border

White House



Berlin Wall

Bush Inauguration

Senior Olympics

White House


Bush Campaign

Dukakis Campaign

Democratic National Convention

Republican National Convention

White House


White House



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